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Termite Treatment quoteFumigate Furniture Termites Phoenix Az – Most of us think of termites as little insects that eat wood and if left unchecked will create thousands of dollars in damage repair costs.  While this is true…not all termites are the same.  In fact Arizona is home to at least 17 unique species.  They come in all sizes, shapes and colors.  Other than sharing an appetite for wood each species is unique.  Depending upon the species it may be necessary to hire a fumigate furniture termites service to eradicate.

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fumigate termites phoenix azWhile more common types live in the soil and create mud tubes as highways to and from the wood in your home, many species do not build those tell tale tunnels.  In fact one of the most destructive species found in Arizona is Western Drywood termites and they leave little evidence of their presence until the colony matures.

“Other than sharing an appetite for wood each termite species is unique.” 

This species lives and nests within the wood they infest.  Often that wood is furniture and short of throwing it out fumigation may be a viable option.  Saving items with a fumigate furniture termites service can make economic sense for expensive items.

Options for treatment include fumigation with toxic gas and/or a chemical free heat treatment.  Using natural methods like heat treatments are effective in eradicating infestations located deep within infested wood items.  The risk of exposure to harsh chemicals is non-existent and the cost of service is affordable.

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Bills Pest Termite Control provides fumigate furniture termites service for all types of infestations.  We can provide on-site treatments and in-house vault services. Most services include a warranty which gives you peace of mind that if the infestation comes back…we will treat again.  For more information about fumigate furniture termites services or for a free inspection give us a call.

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